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A night with a Young Lad
One of my most memorable moment as an escort was with an 18 year old young lad. Escort Moscow The guy had just finished his school and got admission in Micro-biology. He told me that he didn’t have a girlfriend till yet and wanted to get laid with a hot woman.  His friend suggested him why wait for having a girlfriend, why doesn’t he try escort service. The girls are beautiful as well as willing to sleep with you. That was his background of going on date with me.
We met in a restaurant where he really blushed looking at me. He was really shy; in-fact couldn’t meet my eyes too.  I also smiled looking at his behavior. After lunch, I took him to my apartment where I made him sit gently on bed.  Then, I started taking my clothes off. Moscow escort As each garment of mine fell down on floor, I could feel his organ getting hard inside his pant.
Within 10 minutes, I was completely naked in front of him.  It was obvious from his look that he was seeing a naked woman first time in his life. I unzipped his pants to get his cock out. I fondled it for a while and then took it in my mouth. As I started sucking his cock, he closed his eyes and kept saying “Oh, my God, Oh, my God”. Soon, he ejaculated inside my mouth.
I went for a minute to wash my mouth and as I came out, the guy pushed me to bed and started kissing me feverishly. He gave me passionate kisses on my lips. Then, he move down to my neck, breasts and stopped at my navel. I really liked when he bit me on navel.  
 Then, he spread my legs wide and inserted his cock gently inside my vagina.   Soon, he increased his speed and fucked me hard.  I yelled when he hit my G-Spot and started sweating.  It was unexpected great sex with him and I was surprised being a novice one, he was so good in bed.
I congratulated him on his performance in bed. He gave a big smile on getting a moral boosting and promised me to come back again for sex service.

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